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Electronic archives and archiving services

In the current highly competitive business environment the information is the most important resource of organizations. Due to increased amount of the information generated and in countless formats, the records managers and IT professionals are facing more challenges than ever before while simultaneously the requirements to archive information are becoming more complex.Finding an efficient approach to archiving information across all material aspects of its life cycle – from its creation to its defined destruction – is a challenge. Therefore, to cut costs and drive new efficiencies, businesses of every kind need to convert paper documents into electronic records through an automated process called digital archiving and management solutions, the key to achieve this.

The Need for Electronic Archiving

If your documents have reached the end of their active life then it’s time to either destroy them or archive them digitally. Whether public or private, your archives serves as a vital resource for collective memory where, a successful archives program keeps historical material and inactive records well organized, preserved, and described for easy access and use.At the same time, the need to establish such an efficient approach is essential, with benefits in cost cutting and organizational performance being paramount.

At TRAIBCERT, we consider that, digitization of documents are basically used for the following three reasons:

  • Water resource management and the impact of the wider environment on the water resource
  • Procurement Supervision
  • Cleanliness inspection
  • Chemical trace analysis
  • Cargo Inspection & Control
  • Plant Monitoring
  • Warehouse Management & Inspection.

At TRAIBCERT, we know that document scanning and data capture can be very time consuming, which is why we provide a number of data capture solutions which helps you go paperless with our Electronic Archives and Archiving Solutions.

TRAIBCERT’s Electronic Archives & Archiving Services

We, at TRAIBCERT, consider that scanning& cataloging of information represents the first step in the performance of the information management, allowing the conversion of documents from physical format into electronic format, as well as extracting the information required from them.We employ an integrated holistic approach in order to identify information and the related internal, legal, and regulatory requirements, then select technology and apply it. Our services and solutions in this sector involve scanning and digitally archiving your paper documents which will transform them into streams of business ready data. Our full range archival services covers the entire information lifecycle through our tailor-made solutions for each client to help them simplify processes.

Our brief service portfolio includes:

  • Providing individualized solutions for our clients across a complete range of business (managed services) such as data capture, classification, dematerialization, processing, analysis, and archiving up through final destruction
  • Establishing a strategic approach including assessments of potential sourcing scenarios for parts of, or the full chain of, document management/electronic archiving, and setting out the minimum requirements for the electronic archiving
  • Defining, establishing, and implementing operational and technical processes and procedures, including conversion of existing records, management solutions, or paper archives Implementing the electronic archiving system including operational set-up
  • Certifying electronic archiving processes and systems based on ISO27000 ISMS and/or ISAE3000 SOC; compliance with specific requirements or technical/organizational aspects

Through our effective cataloguing approach, your data archives can be fully searched, locked down for security purposes, referred to for compliance reasons and integrated into content management systems. Above all, your digital archives are easily backed up and become a company data asset rather than a burden. The major benefits of employing our Electronic Archival services are:

  • You will only be charged a small amount for holding the scanned image, meaning that your business can save money through electronic document management
  • Our technology allows ‘fast retrieval in the digital archives
  • Save time and become lean by digitalising your documents and records.
  • Online document storage means that you can access all of your documents in an instant
  • Regain valuable space being used to store physical documents.
  • Eliminate time wasted looking for specific physical documents with document scanning solutions
  • Fully encrypted documents ensuring we deliver them safely and securely
  • Bulk on demand business document scanning for digital conversion
  • When we scan documents, we present them in your required format
  • Fully trained staff to check each scanned image for quality and accuracy.
  • Records can be seamlessly accessed directly via an integrated digital interface or via our fully secure website visions.

Our Approach

As a business owner, you’ll know that time is money and we understand that. Our goal is, big or small; complex or simple; analog, digital, or hybrid—we will roll up our sleeves and deliver the best, cost-effective solution that works for you.The foundation of everything we do is grounded in archival best practices, and for all our engagements we deploy professionally-trained certified archivists who bring flexibility, talent, and a spirit of cooperation to their work. We always believe that blending better practices with advanced tools always helps us to perform better on our Document and Data archiving services in the trendiest of manner. With experts and expertise in hand, we are extremely professional in filling the gap between people and their companies, communities and customers across a range of sectors such as corporations, museums, creative companies, government organizations, etc.

The way we do our job is simple with the notation of time and cost effectiveness as the prime movers. A brief outline of the way we work is:

  • Assessment Archiving experts from TRAIBCERT, initially identify the nature of documents you work with to identify which information (fields) are particularly important to be archived. We discuss and advise you on the best practices to convert key documents into electronic documents.
  • Scanning of documents Upon agreement, we will then collect your documents online and transfer them to our scanning center which has advanced scanning equipment. Each of document is scanned or captured in the form of a tif or PDF.
  • Indexing stage When scans are made, our state-of-the-art solutions enable us to capture particular fields of information such as dates, type of document, department, etc and are entered into your e-Archive to be indexed. This enables powerful and quick searches whenever necessary.
  • Access e-Archive interface Access all documents through your online 'e-Archive' interface where staffs can preview, edit, make comments and even obtain stamp approval. The share function makes document workflow incredibly fast.
  • Manage e-Archive Request collection and scanning or upload scans yourself. As you would expect from the market leader, TRAIBCERT provides you with a full range of solutions as well as full support.
  • Store or destroy originals Once the documents are scanned and are uploaded, TRAIBCERT will store original paper documents in our secured repository for the required retention period. Alternatively you may order secure destruction.

Our technical experience and close relationship to relevant suppliers will enable us to successfully integrate and/or improve your company’s e-archiving achieving business goals.

Why TRAIBCERT for your Archiving Services

Challenges such as keeping pace with technology, managing, establishing and maintenance costs, data security and safety must be faced successfully. Our document scanning service by our team of specialists can help you seize them effortlessly. We understand that our clients, like you expect safe, secure and cost-effective storage solutions; regardless of the format in which information may be generated and/or best retained. And so, we are here to help. The advantages that can be gained from our digital archive services are:

  • Making use of today's technologies, producing numerous copies of the same work proves less expensive and budget friendly.
  • Preserving the work efficiently and relatively inexpensive can be done through digitization.
  • Arranging becomes simpler and search becomes a light game.
  • Enabling easy availability on the tip of your fingers.
  • Offer phased approaches based on available budgets and client needs.
  • Bringing a high level of excitement and enthusiasm to every project as every project matters, every reference and referral matters.
  • Developing a small version of otherwise large cultural and historical artifacts is no more a herculean task.

Interested to partner with us for all your Archiving services? Just write to us at We will advise you with the best solution that your business warrants